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Stay Ahead of the Game: A Simple Guide to Starting Your January Resolutions Now.

Why Science&gratitude

Science Proves That Gratitude Is Key to Well-Being | Psychology Today

Positive Psychology's 24 Character Strengths
Excellent overview with clear, and relatable descriptions and graphics.

The Classification of Character Strengths and Virtues
This is a bit more clinical in nature, but a good and comprehensive read about character strengths.

Strengths by Virtue
This is a wonderful aid of the 24 character strengths,

Character Strengths, Character Building Experts/VIA Institute
This is for all my research fans! Current research synopses and links to articles.

The Mechanics of Choice

The science behind your decision-making

Brain: How to optimize decision making? -- ScienceDaily

The Neuroscience of Decision Making | The Kavli Foundation

The Neuroscience of Gratitude - Wharton Healthcare Management Alumni Association

How to Utilize the Neuroscience of Gratitude

Gratitude Definition | What Is Gratitude

The Neuroscience Behind Gratitude: How Does Cultivating Appreciation Affect Your Brain?

The effects of gratitude expression on neural activity - ScienceDirect

What Focusing on the Breath Does to Your Brain

Managing the Fear and Anxiety of the Unknown

Study: Fear of the Unknown Compounds Many Anxiety Disorders | Psychology Today

Character Strengths and Gratitude Survey

Please sign up to the University of  Pennsylvania Test Center and take the
1. VIA Survey of Character Strengths
2. Gratitude Survey - - - Follow the link below
Questionnaire Center | Authentic Happiness (

If you have any questions about how to sign up please follow the video below.
U Penn Instructional Video!

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