Gratitude Mentoring

Gratitude is one of the most powerful components of positive psychology - its integral to well being. 

Karen’s Gratitude Mentoring has been a natural out reach resulting from her research and studies in Gratitude and Positive Psychology. Gratitude Mentoring provides clients with a personally designed  program of self-awareness and development through the practice of gratitude.

 Clients will be expected to complete pre-treatment work to qualify for admission. For details or to request admission requirements and forms contact


Welcome to Cultivate! An online/on-site course developed and built upon the idea of living an intentional life, based upon the simple act of paying attention. In Cultivate you will be exposed to successful techniques that will lead you to a greater awareness of your self, your strengths,  and provide you with a personally designed road map to greater health and well-being.

Can the simple act of paying attention really make a difference? Our answer here is an emphatic - yes! The idea is quite simple. By paying attention, you will begin to see, perhaps for the first time, how you move through your world. What are your words and actions really saying? Are you a harbinger of peace and uplifting moments? Or are your days burdened by negativity and worry?

Cultivate will provide you with the tools and the guidance to provide you an opportunity to intentionally change your life in a positive way. Rather than living by default, Cultivate provides an opportunity to authentically take charge of your life, live life on your terms, in an authentic and enduring manner.

There are no shortcuts here and the primary requisite to enroll is a deep desire for permanent and positive change. Cultivate! Seize the moment! Your moments. Your life. Your way.




Workshops and Mentoring

Mindfulness, Resilience, Gratitude and Incremental Change, are all topics geared to develop and form a better and balanced You.

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